Speaker: Girish Mutreja – CEO, Founder, Neeve Research

Neeve Research offers the X Platform, a revolutionary memory-oriented transaction processing platform for extreme enterprise applications. The platform uniquely integrates structured in-memory state, advanced messaging, multi-agency and decoupled enterprise data management to enable a true no-compromise extreme TP platform. The true innovation of the platform lies in its ability to provide a no-compromise blend of extreme performance, reliability, scalability and developmental agility. It is extremely fast, it is extremely easy to use, it can be used to build a wide variety of applications and the applications built using it exhibit zero data loss and scale linearly. After almost a decade of hard engineering and close-quarters field hardening with an exclusive set of Fortune 300 companies, Neeve is opening the platform for wider use. Listen as Girish Mutreja unveils the X Platform and shows how easy it is to build an application that performs at 100s of thousands of transactions per second or sub-100 microsecond latencies with zero garbage and zero data loss.


The reality is that you don’t need ‘stateless’ services to either scale out or be fault tolerant — what you really need is a scalable, fault tolerant state management solution that you can build your services around.

In this talk we will discuss how some of the popular microservices frameworks are tackling this problem, and will look at technologies available today that make it possible to build scalable, highly available systems without ‘stateless’ service layers, whether you are building microservices or good ol’ monoliths.