Speaker: Henning Andersen, Chief Architect, Stibo Systems A/S

Stibo Systems recently released its in-memory component for our Master Data Management (MDM) platform, giving significant speed-ups in most parts of the system. Our MDM platform provides high volume data management with many concurrent users. This in-memory component is built in-house and this talk is about how and why we did this, including:

  • MVCC (Multi Version Concurrency Control) aware map, off heap and compact.
  • Lock-free MVCC aware indexing.
  • Wait-free MVCC aware querying that goes directly on the metal.
  • Clustering and MVCC with recovery support.
  • Why we built our own in-memory technology, how we integrated it into our existing 200+ man years system and the speed-ups we gained.
    • This will help you as a developer to navigate the landscape of in-memory products and identify the trade-offs involved helping you choose the right path.

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