How In-Memory Solutions Can Assist with SaaS Integrations

Salon E

Distributed In-Memory solutions can speed things up as well as decouple data from your database. These things, while true, are pretty general statements. This in depth talk describes how 24 Hour Fitness has used two different in memory solutions to solve integration needs and the benefits these solutions provide. The business use cases in-memory solutions have supported will presented with a discussion of how the solutions have provided accurate data, in faster manner, than would’ve been possible without in memory solutions. The current, but ever evolving, 24 Hour Fitness On-Prem and SaaS integration architecture will be presented.

An audience involved in a transition from legacy On-Prem systems to SaaS systems will learn:

  • (1) how an IMDG can provide High Availability to your data, even when your SaaS provider’s APIs are not 24/7
  • (2) how an IMDG can create a less chatty real-time integration with CRUD based APIs produce by a SaaS system
  • (3) how an IMDG can provide High Availability of your data, even when your On-Prem database is not 24/7
  • (4) how a distributed cache can be used to provide the correct balance due after a payment/receipt is made against a legacy batch system
  • (5) how the current in memory solutions have set the stage for future use cases. Store and forward, etc…
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24 Hour Fitness
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