Iota Architecture: Uniform Data-Access and Processing Medium

Salon B/C/D

Many enterprises today are facing a challenge of processing the real-time data in combination with historical datasets to enhance actionable insights, or to change direct actions as users are working with a mobile app, or a website. How to improve the customer interactions through the historical data and real-time analytics consolidation without adding more complexity into already sophisticated pipelines?

This talk will introduce Iota-architecture that uses in-memory data fabric to provide the access, performance boost, and processing power on top of multiple clustering components including slow- and fast- data processing systems. This solution is the most recommended when compared with lambda- or kappa- architectures described in the last few years.. The Iota design pattern has a number of unique properties: elimination of the requirement of expertise spanning multiple programming models and platforms, reduced hardware needs, lower data-center operational complexity, a shorter application development and deployment loop, and a low-cost long term ownership. This combination helps to increase the data platform ROI by bringing down the capital expenditures into rapidly commoditized computer systems and using smaller development and cluster operation teams.

Konstantin Boudnik
Chief Technologist Bigdata
EPAM Systems Inc

Dr. Konstantin Boudnik, is one of the veteran developers of Apache Hadoop, co-author of Apache BigTop, the open source framework for creation of software stacks and operation of data processing projects used by all commercial vendors of Hadoop-based platforms including Amazon EMR, Google Cloud Dataproc, and other major distributors.

With more than 20 years of experience in software development, big- and fast-data analytic, distributed systems and more, Dr. Boudnik was granted seventeen US patents in distributed computing, and participated in a dozen of open source projects in the field of distributed computing and data processing.

As a member of Apache Software Foundation, he has helped, contributed to, and championed a number of successful Apache top level projects including Apache Ignite, Apache Groovy, Apache Zeppelin. Dr. Boudnik is frequent speaker at domestic and international open-source development conferences including Linux Foundation events, Hadoop Summit, SCALE and others.
During his carrier, Dr. Boudnik hold engineering and leadership positions at Sun Microsystems, Yahoo!, Karmasphere, WANdisco.

In the past, Dr. Boudnik's has founded a number of technological startups and serves on the advisory board for a number of Silicon Valley firms. Most recently, Dr. Boudnik has co-authored "Professional Hadoop" book.

Lead Architect
EPAM Systems Inc
Software Architect, Designer and Developer. With decades of experience in parallel, distributed processing of a huge amount of data, Mr. Boudnik has contributed to many aspects of the modern technology. The work includes Object-Relational architecture design and implementation for various languages and DBMS. Specialties: parallel data processing on a cloud; large databases; object relational architecture; computer & network security; computer language design & compiler development; high-performance data processing Currently, Mr. Boudnik is the Bigdata Lead Architect at EPAM Systems.