Leveraging In-Memory For The IoT Application Challenge: Build it Better and Faster

Baden B

Join Colin for this session to learn how to build fire-and-forget message based in-memory microservices applications for IoT that need extreme performance and scale.

In this session he'll show you via a live coding session:

  • How to easily write IoT applications that leverage in-memory caching and distributed processing that are more dynamic and faster.
  • How to build scalable stream processing applications with extreme performance and without non-functional compromise...and no GC!
  • Setting up deployment and monitoring best practices so that your in-memory applications and processes won't drive your operations teams crazy...and they can see the durability of in-memory at work.

When you leave you will know how to reduce your IoT application development time, improve performance, and deploy IoT applications faster using in-memory techniques!

Colin MacNaughton
Head of Engineering
Neeve Research

Colin MacNaughton is a software industry veteran with over 15 years of building ultra low latency applications for trading and e-commerce. While he works in many languages, his favorite for enterprise applications is still Java. Colin leads the engineering and support teams for Neeve Research and spends his days and nights finding ways to make building in memory applications in Java both easier and faster.