Moving Forward Securely in Digital Factory

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Industry 4.0 has come to life with digital transformation in the discrete manufacturing space, giving birth to the Digital Factory. Unfortunately, the digital environment also is an invitation to hackers. The malicious intrusions to operating machinery remain undetected – even spreading further – without comprehensive and immediate analysis. The result is major losses for safety issues, disruptions in manufacturing operations and the supply chain, as well as product quality and delivery.

In this session, we will probe the Cybersecurity challenges in Digital Factory. We will  investigate how manufacturing companies can now move forward with a more proactive defense against both known and unknown threats preventing major losses and disruption to business based on a powerful and capable in-memory computing platform.

Requirements for real-time edge analytics to provide effective defense in depth include the ability to process events in real-time and to ingest multiple large-scale data streams. The In-Memory Computing platform can correlate real-time data from IoT devices together with log data from the networks including routers, firewalls, VPN, third-party information systems, and monitoring equipment and cameras. In-Memory Computing platform can then deliver the data and insights from edge analytics to downstream analytical environments, on-premises or in the Cloud, for further analysis. A robust in-memory computing platform solution on the edge needs to offer virtually unlimited data processing power and capacity to enable true real-time analysis, forecasting, and decision making. Such a easily scalable and compact edge-y in-memory solution not only minimizes risks, but also promises to increase the productivity of security analysts by streamlining the investigation process.

Using the real-time insights provided at the speed of memory, manufacturing companies can now devise and implement smart strategies on how to best protect their Digital Factory from the constant threat of cyber intrusions.

Ferhat Hatay
Director of Strategy and Innovation

Dr. Ferhat Hatay is Director of Strategy and Innovation driving new solution development in the areas of Cloud, Big Data, and Internet of Things (IoT).

His experience includes serving in key roles at Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and HAL (A Fujitsu Company, not the HAL 9000!) driving innovative open large-scale infrastructure solutions for high performance and enterprise computing.

Ferhat started his career at NASA Ames Research Center building infrastructures for large-scale computer simulations and Big Data analysis. He forever remains a rocket scientist. Follow him at Twitter: @FerhatSF.